Advanced Education

In addition to the resolutely general engineering degree programme, ENSTA Paris organises or is a partner in several kinds of advanced  trainings : Masters (MSC programmes) and Advanced Masters (post-MSc professional degrees).


The MSc or Masters came about through the "BSc-MSc-PhD" reform (Bologna agreement), which aims to harmonise higher education diplomas Europe-wide. They last for two years.

Advanced Masters

The Advanced Master programmes are post-MSc training courses accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) which holds exclusive rights to the label. These courses are organised by leading engineering or management schools and are aimed at holders of  graduate degrees (5 years of higher education) wishing to acquire a speciality. Professionals with a 4-year higher educational degree wishing to promote their careers may follow these courses too, provided that they can prove professional experience of at least three years.

ENSTA Paris offers four Advanced Masters, in Maritime Engineering, Information Systems Architecture, Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Vehicle. In partnership with the École Supérieure de Commerce in Toulouse, ENSTA Paris also offers an Advanced Master in Marketing, Management and Communication. with an orientation towards marketing for engineers and people with a scientific background.